Breakfast is my thing. Especially on the weekends. And because it’s nearly impossible to find a place that has exactly what I want without me customizing my order to the annoyingth degree, I usually opt to create my own breakfast spread at home.

Here is my rationale:

  1. Breakfast can be simple and low-maintenance to make and clean up if you do it right.
  2. The complexity of how many ways you can order eggs (and bacon, for that matter) can put you, your server and the cook staff in quite the pickle. Side note: If I had a nickel for the number of times I have ordered eggs over medium and they end up rubbery because I over describe my preference, or like a dam just broke because I downplayed the importance of the over-medium characteristic, I’d be a rich lady. Alas, when you dine out, you have to expect these things…
  3. Sometimes it’s just too much brainpower to find something you enjoy (you need to be excited about your food!) while still maintaining some type of balanced, nutritious diet.

With that being said, every rule usually has an exception or two. In my 10+ years of living in Charlotte, NC,  I have finally found my exception to the breakfast rule.

Drumroll, please…

Put your forks together for The Suffolk Punch! This hot spot opened up in Fall of 2017 and lucky for us, they serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. This means I’m not in my kitchen as much on the weekends, and it is delightful to say the least!

In addition to being delicious, TSP is nutritionally aware, aka THEY GET IT. Their entire menu is non-GMO, organic and/or local whenever accessible, and completely soy-free.

One of my biggest things as a dietitian is not selling anyone on just the concept of “healthy.” Why? Because healthy is both complicated and too vague; it’s not a one-size fits all. Not to mention it’s not exactly top of the list when trying to figure out brunch plans with friends. The good news is that you can eat well, be healthy AND look forward to meals without being stressed out. It’s not easy, but with the right information (and dietitians having your best interest in mind!), you can find great, balanced options while navigating quickly through all the crazy myths and food marketing schemes that are out there to make things much more complicated than they need to be.

So let’s start HERE, and try one of my top three TSP brunch favorites!

The Veggie Burger is the first thing I tried at TSP. I have tried many a veggie burgers in my time, and this one is a flavor explosion and a must-try! Comes with arugula, house-made BBQ sauce, and goat cheese crema…YUM!

Usually when I find something I like on a menu, I stick with it. But my second visit to TSP I actually ventured out and tried the Chiliaquiles. Holy molé (get it???)…out of this world good, and also gluten-free! Corn tortillas (crispy!), guajillo sauce, queso fresco, pulled chicken, peppers, fried eggs, onion, salsa verde. Oh my.

The Roasted Vegetable Hash is a nutrition power house if you ask me. Gluten-free and loaded with seasonal, local farm vegetables topped with fried eggs.

If your mouth isn’t already watering enough, torture yourself a little more and check out their Full Brunch Menu.

The Suffolk Punch is taking reservations for Mother’s Day. Don’t miss your chance to check them out and wow the moms in your life. If you are a regular, you know how packed it gets on the weekends, so make sure to call today to grab your spot!

(704) 319-8650

2911 Griffith St
Charlotte, NC 28203

On the Light Rail
@ New Bern Station

*All images by Josh Vasko |

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